Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Learning Style

After participating in a number of online quizzes and questionnaires, I have determined that my main learning style is auditory learning. Auditory learners understand information best by listening and speaking, because they need to hear things in order for them to make sense. This completely describes me! My auditory learning style particularly shows in how I prepare for tests. First, I make a set of notes, but rather than just reading them silently, I read them aloud to myself because hearing words or definitions makes them easy for me to remember. With my notes, I make lots of mnemonics and songs to repeat to myself, another tactic that helps me understand and recall information, such as creating a tune to sing along with the periodic table of elements. In terms of a classroom environment, it is clear that I am an auditory learner since the way I grasp new concepts best is to have a teacher explain them orally or in a lecture style. I find it easier to take things in by just listening, rather than writing notes, which I find distract from my understanding. I like classroom discussions and group activities that give people a chance to speak, rather than reading a chapter in a textbook.

The second type of learning style that applies to me is interpersonal learning. An interpersonal learner relies on social interaction to comprehend things and enjoys sharing information and working in groups. This makes sense for me as interpersonal learning is greatly connected to auditory learning. I enjoy working in groups for projects and I think the best way to solve a problem is talking it out with others. My best ideas always come when I can discuss and brainstorm with others and I feed off of other people's energy to motivate me. A good example of this is in my work and volunteer history. Having been a peer tutor, a canvassing group leader, and a camp counselor, all my jobs have been about working with others. I feel comfortable in leadership positions and work well with others, such as my co-counselors at camp. In addition, I find my strength in teaching others, as shown by tutoring other students or giving explanations and tips on fundraising to Heart and Stroke Foundation canvassers.

My main goal for this class to keep on top of homework and hand in everything on time. With creating films and writing blogs, the work for IDC is extremely reliant on self-motivation and good time management. Many projects will likely overlap and blogs will be due frequently and can quickly pile up. In order to make sure that I can achieve this goal, I will continually use my agenda, not just to record my homework, but to schedule what nights I plan to do certain parts of assignments. My other goal for this course is to improve on my cinematography skills. I feel pretty comfortable with editing and sound from Media Arts and Media Studies (though there is always so much more to learn and improve), but I really would like to be able to plan storyboards, camera angles and shots to a more in-depth extent. I plan to work hard and be creative, as I am so excited to be taking this course!

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