Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rookie Blue

I'm obsessed with this show! If you don't watch it - please leave this blog and go watch every single episode right now because it is seriously the best show on television. Firstly, it's filmed in Toronto with a mainly Canadian cast, HOWEVER, it looks so un-amateur-like and even got picked up by ABC in the States. And the know a show is great when you can't even choose a favourite. Right now, my top three are Swarek, Jerry and Gail is pretty awesome. Oh, and Chris! (See what I meant about not being able to pick a fave). The show's relationships are getting pretty intense - I'm rooting for Andy/Sam (who isn't?) and Gail/Dov (even though most people love Chris). The Andy/Sam lead-up has been going on for so long now; they better get together soon after last week's almost kiss! Why are you still here? Go watch this show NOW!

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