Friday, April 15, 2011

Canadian Content

The following is my playlist for a two hour radio show on 94.7 - Rock & Roll Canada
Canadian Songs are highlighted in red.

1) Completing this assignment was (suprisingly) not too difficult. In class, when we compared our favourite forms of media to those that were Canadian, music was the type with the most overlaps, because there are definitely some great Canadian bands and artists. In addition, since we live in Canada, and have the CanCon rules for radio, the songs that are Canadian on my playlist are well-known ones. Lastly, since the regulations for radio are only 35% Canadian songs per week (7 out of my 20 song playlist), there is still a lot of room for acts from other countries and all the songs that are loved and popular today.

2) To ensure my playlist was engaging I wanted to use songs I like and would enjoy hearing on the radio, because I think I have similar taste to a lot of radio-listeners. Since I like rock music, I made the station "Rock & Roll Canada," so that the people listening to it would know it plays rock music and it would therefore attract the audience it appeals to. It would attract Canadians specifically because it features some of the all-time best Canadian rock groups, as well as classic rock songs that appeal to people from any area. Also, I made sure to give the regulated air time to Canadian bands, but only chose those that are considered famous in our country.

3) I think CanCon regulations are necessary because they are a huge part of keeping our culture separate from that of the United States. Since the US has a much larger population and therefore more talent, the CanCon rules ensure that the talented people, both performers and behind the scenes, of our country get their chance to share their gift. Our music, television, and movies are an important part of what makes us Canadian, because these forms of media are all around us and have an influence on who we are. CanCon is necessary to ensure that we distinguish our nation as one with a specific talented and well-known media scene, leading to a good sense of nationalistic pride.

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