Friday, March 4, 2011

The Oscars - Dresses Decoded

As Craig Ferguson accepted his Academy Award for Best Documentary, he began his speech with the line, “Forgive me, I must start by pointing out that three years after our horrific financial crisis caused by massive fraud, not a single financial executive has gone to jail, and that’s wrong.” The room loudly applauded, with the camera cutting to shots of our favourite celebrities proudly nodding along with this statement, powerfully acknowledging how outraged they feel at their nation's current economic crisis. A little ironic, right, considering that the privately funded Oscars spend about $42,000 on just champagne and that each guest attending receives a gift bag valued to around $75,000. Is Hollywood really about the art anymore, or is the main focus of the entertainment industry's biggest night really just a chance for some of the most attention-seeking stars to show-off their lavish lifestyles?

One of the best way celebrities can flaunt their stardom is on the red carpet. Today, Oscar "pre-show" coverage interviewing dressed up stars on the red carpet lasts almost as long as the dragged out awards themselves (by the end of it, if I had to hear "who are you wearing?" one more time, I swear I was going to pick up the remote and switch to the Raptors' game). But this year, I paid a little closer attention to what my favourite stars were wearing, because unbeknowst to most, what you were wear to the Oscars says a lot more about you than just who your favourite designer is.

Natalie Portman: Baby Bliss
To put it bluntly, Natalie Portman is knocked up. She can act like she's blissfully happy and completely in love, but the truth of the matter is (at least in my opinion) she's not. In interview after interview, her smile is painted on as she utters the same seemingly scripted words: "I am so happy." Maybe I'm crazy, but I just can't believe her. Wisely, the dress she chose for this year's event was sweet and girly, accompaned by natural and light make-up. It showed minimal cleavage and no back or leg, which for a Hollywood vixen was a very timid and surprisingly unrevealing choice. I think Natalie chose this dress to try and play down her sexy image and start her quick change over into an innocent actress who is starting up a family.
Jennifer Hudson: Confidence Queen?
As most people know by the many commercials she has starred in, Jennifer Hudson has recently lost a ton of weight (and even if you didn't know, I'm pretty sure you'd notice by her skin tight, low cut, tangerine gown). This dress that Jennifer chose to wear definitely stood out and made a statement, but honestly, I think she chose this type of dress because she is not yet comfortable in her new body and needed the attention and reassurance of others to gain confidence. Losing weight is not easy, and though your body may change, how you see yourself can still remain a struggle for many. Although Jennifer kept a big smile on the whole night, she didn't have her usual big personality and diva-like confidence on display. I think she chose this type of dress looking for compliments about her body and to get her feeling good about this new look.

Mila Kunis: All Grown Up
Lately, Mila Kunis has been working hard to shed her young girl image and head more towards the glamour and sex appeal of the matured starlet. Starting out in show business at just 14, Mila has always had natural beauty, but this dress choice shows she wants to be seen in a different light. It is very low cut with sheer fabric all down the sides for flaunting her enviable body. This style parallels with her recent acting choices, starring in Black Swan and the upcoming movie Friends with Benefits, both very intense and sexual roles. This dress was very memorable and got Mila on to many best dressed lists, accomplishing her mission of transitioning from child star to dramatic goddess. 


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  1. You're right that what you wear is kind of a code for the type of person you are. Fashion choices can say a lot about people and this entry has made some good observations about what some starlets wore on Oscar night. One thing you might have included in this post is an image or two of a male actor. It's interesting how most of the media attention re: appearance focuses primarily on female celebrities.