Sunday, February 20, 2011

Celebrity Image: John Mayer

A major celebrity today, known mostly for his outspoken and bad boy persona, is one of my favourite singers, John Mayer. To describe my relationship towards him, I don't think I could use the word admire, because in no way whatsoever do I respect John Mayer. How can you respect a guy who constantly objectifies women, and has been caught more than once using inappropriate racial slurs? You can't. And most people don't. But still, John Mayer made the Billboard Top Artists of the Year Chart in 2010, the same year he infamously used the n-word in a Playboy Magazine interview. Something tells me John and his PR team know exactly what they're doing.

John Mayer's image is a construction of reality, but in a different way than most other celebrities. Instead of going only for that sweet and innocent image that his songs show, or just being the opinionated bad boy he is in the media, he has made the wise decision to play both these roles and widen his audience. There's a saying that "all press is good press" and John Mayer proves this. By having mellow and romantic songs, he attracts tween and teenage girls like me, the people to sell out all his concerts and buy his songs on iTunes. Then, by having scandalous interview after interview, even my un-media-saavy dad knows who he is when his songs come on the radio, and my mom is willing to buy a magazine just to read firsthand about his latest slip-up. His unafraid-to-speak-his-mind attitude makes it cool for guys to be into him, but as he croons ballads like "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" girls can't help but swoon. Maybe part of me does admire John Mayer - someone's got to respect the fact that he's got the whole consumer market in the palm of his hands.


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  1. You have done a great job of explaining how John Mayer appeals to a wide audience - for some people, all publicity is good publicity and this celeb certainly seems to be an example of this.