Sunday, September 26, 2010

What is Media Art?

Media Art/New Media: a type of art that combines traditional principles of art and design with new and innovative technology; showcased through various forms of digital art that are often interactive.

My media artist project is on Robert Lazzarini, a new media sculptor.
Robert Lazzarini, Payphone, 2002


What is the name of the artist who created the artwork?
Robert Lazzarini

What kind of artwork is it?
It is a sculpture of a telephone booth found in an exhibit of Robert Lazzarini's work.

What is the subject matter of the art?
The subject matter is a telephone booth made up of materials of a real telephone booth, such as plexiglass, aluminum, and stainless steel to give it a realistic look.

What images do you see in the artwork?
There is a telephone booth standing up, but it is slanted and distorted, tricking the viewer's eye by showing a common object from a new perspective.


How are the elements of art and principles of design used in this artwork?
The most used principle in Robert Lazzarini's work is perspective. He creates his sculptures so that they appear both 3D and 2D while looking at them. Because of the interesting angles, the sculpture confuses the eye about how the figure is really possible. The colour and texture are really important because they seem very realistic. By using the materials found in a real telephone booth it is easily recognizable what this is a sculpture of. The shape is one of the most distinct features because it is very unique and unusual. Robert Lazzarini takes everyday objects and reshapes them through translations to create new perspectives from which to view them.

What grabs your attention in the artwork?
The first thing that I notice about the payphone sculpture is the distortion. When you see the artwork, it disorients your eye because the original object seems twisted and morphed. The realistic look of all of Robert Lazzarini's work draws in attention because it doesn't just seem like artwork, but as if  it is the real object that the sculpture is based on.

What mood or feeling do you have when you look at this artwork?
At a first glance, the thing I feel immediately when I see this art is confusion. It seems mind-boggling that a telephone booth could be stretched to these strange angles but still look so much like the original. After studying the work for a while, I feel excited and a bit in awe about how cool this sculpture is! It is really amazing to see something so different and it creates a mood of deep thinking and questioning about art. Also, in Robert Lazzarini's exhibits, the walls and floors are slanted and painted all white, which adds to the feeling of entering another world.


What is the theme or subject of the art?
The particular work relates to illusions and can even be thought of as showing the artist's inner insanity. Not many people look at a payphone and see something as deranged and deformed as Robert Lazzarini's creation. Also, a lot of the artist's work involves darker objects, such as knives, guns, and skulls, showing a side of evil and madness, and often opinions and interpretations on violence.

What is the artwork about? What do you think it means?
I think this artwork is about not just seeing things how everyone else sees them. We can all interpret things in our own way, and Robert Lazzarini's visions of objects show us this. We look at a payphone as something simple and obvious, but not many people notice how it could become a beautiful and deep work of art. Art is all around us, everywhere we go, and we just need to look with a creative eye to find it.

Why do you think the artist created this work?
I think this artwork was created to illustrate the theme, about how art is all around us and that simple objects can be turned into something dark, intense and creative. By creating a twisted payphone, Robert Lazzarini shows just one example of how unique his style is and that he truly is an artist by making art out of something so common.


Do you like or dislike this artwork?
I love this piece of artwork. I think it is so different and creative and really shows a futuristic movement in art. It is so cool to imagine things from a new perspective and Robert Lazzarini really creates a new type of media art that is wonderful to view.

Do you think this is good art?
Yes, I think this is great art because it is so innovative. Robert Lazzarini has his own style and you cannot find art like this anywhere else. It is fun to look at and shows the principles and elements of art and design in full force. As I said before, it is so different and disorients the mind, leading us to think about our surroundings.

Do you think this is important art?
Yes, I think this is important art because this is the type of art that makes us think. It challenges us to view things from new perspectives and use our own thinking skills to interpret its message. It lets our creative side come alive, which is very important to keep art creative and interesting.

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  1. Good work Alissa. Nicely presented. You could mention this work in the context of other works more specifically. Don't forget to reference your sources. Excellent image and details on that.